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US Fastener Sources
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How to Write a Fastener News Release

A news release is simply a written statement distributed to the media. They can announce a wide range of subject matters: new products, new plant locations or branches, personnel promotions, awards, new website, new equipment, new services offered, sales accomplishments, exhibiting in an industry trade show, a merger or an acquisition, etc.

Today it is acceptable to send releases either by mail, fax, or e-mail, depending on the target media. Regardless of how you deliver your message, make sure it is easy to read and edit. If your target is the internet, use keywords that are most likely to be searched for by people looking for what you want them to find in your release. Choose and use these keywords often.

Write about the main points, sort out irrelevant copy and use only important information. Experts suggest you use simple English, short sentences and paragraphs, give no sales pitches, but include necessary facts and information while announcing your news, but do not advertise. Use bold, italics and underlined text for emphasis.

The following steps and tips should make for an effective fastener news release:

The Headline should be brief, clear, to the point and written in present-tense with bold and larger type then the text of the release. You must include your company name in the headline. For internet fastener news releases, the optimum visibility and search results are between two and 22 words. Add a sub headline to amplify your headline by adding additional details.

News Release Body Copy should be written as you want it to appear in a news story. Start with the date and city in which the news release is originated. The lead, or first sentence, should grab the reader and say concisely what is happening. The next one or two sentences should then expand on the lead. The body copy should be compact, remember no long sentences or paragraphs. Be careful with puns, innuendo and double meanings, fancy language, over use of grammar and jargon. Deal with the actual facts - people, products, services, events, projects, sales, etc. Provide tips, advice or analysis that is relevant to the fastener industry or your customer's interests.

An easy method for writing an effective fastener news release is to make a list of the Journalist five W's and the H. Who, what, when, where, why and how. From this list, make your pertinent points like what is the actual news, why is it news, relate the news to the people, products, services and/or other things, the purpose behind the news and then the information about your company. Write and construct sentences into paragraphs and assemble them in a sequential order for the news release. Your last paragraph should be "short and sweet" focusing on what you want people to do, such as visit your website, call to receive a "free" brochure or best yet, place an order.

About the Company: Use a paragraph or two to describe your company, its core business and business policy. Use information from company brochures, catalogs or flyers to introduce your company to the reader. At the end of this section direct the reader to your website. Make sure the link is exact and complete URL without any embedding.

Contact Information: If your fastener news release is really newsworthy, journalists would surely like to get additional information or possibly interview key people associated with the news release. Under the tag CONTACT the following details should be included.

- The Company's Official Name
- Contact Person(s)
- Company Address
- Telephone & FAX Numbers (with proper country/city codes and extension numbers)
- Mobile Phone Number (optional)
- Email Address
- Website Address

Signal the end of the fastener news release with three # # # symbols under the last line of the news release. This is a journalistic standard.


  1. Make sure you post your news release on your own website and your blog if you have one sooner than later. Don't wait to see if your news release is published somewhere.
  2. Double space your release so it is easy to edit and keep it to one page if at all possible.
  3. Research other fastener news releases on the fastener magazines to better understand the tone, language, structure and format of a fastener news release.
  4. Don't write your headline until after you have written your news release. Believe me, it is a better way and your headline will be more creative and attention getting.
  5. Giant type and multiple colors don't help a news releases, they distract from it!
  6. Have some fun with this, make it a learning experience and once you have written a few news releases it will become second-hand and a great way to promote your company, products and services., LLC

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