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Take advantage of this cost-effective way to get the word out. Your company will be represented on all devices (desktop, laptop and phone) complete with a direct link to your company site. Once you register, send us the banner artwork and we will add you to our site as a sponsor.

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  • Attract NEW customers and suppliers
  • Increase awareness of your company
  • Improve your competitiveness and gain market access

Once you are registered:

Email your banner artwork to Mike McGuire. Artwork should be provided in the following sizes:

  1. Header Ad dimensions
    1336px X 126px
  2. Sidebar Ad dimensions
    282px X 124px

If you do not have the capabilities or resources to product the banner artwork, check your registration confirmation email for information on how we can help get your banner ads created.

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Get your company noticed! By supporting, your company banner will be displayed on this site to prospects that are interested in the fastener industry. We have two levels of banner advertisement - Regular and Premium.

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  • Regular Sponsorship - With this program, your banners will be displayed throughout the site as web visitors navigate from page to page.
  • Premium Sponsorship - With this program, your banner will be displayed on two of our popular educational tabs - The Fastener Library and The Fastener Quiz. This is an exclusive listing of sponsors. There are only 12 Premium banner slots available. Visitors to this site spend a lot of time on the Library and Quiz page, which will increase the frequency of your advertising exposure, with each and every click!

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