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US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources
US Fastener Sources

Master Distributors

What is a Master Distributor?

A Master Distributor in the fastener industry is a company which compiles a variety of fasteners in a specific segment of products with the purpose of selling this variety of fasteners to fastener distributors and/or fastener manufacturers.

Benefits from using a Master Distributor

Reduced Transaction Costs

  • Fewer Suppliers to Manage
  • Limited Transactions (Purchase Orders, Freight Bills, Receiving, Paperwork)
  • Reduce Payables from Decreased Number of Supplier Invoices
  • Consolidated Freight
  • Inventory Reduction; Less Holding Costs

Optimized Sourcing

  • Through Procurement Time Savings, Improving your response time to customers
  • Cost Reductions through Supplier Initiatives
  • Global Sourcing through Supplier Partnerships Worldwide Network
  • Reduced Lead Time for IN-Stock Fasteners
  • Vast Breath and Depth of Fasteners Available
  • Quality and Inspection Certifications

Information Management

  • Technical and Engineering Support
  • Strong Customer Service and Quick Responsiveness
  • Great Relationships built between Distributor Customer and Master Distributor

American Master Fastener Distributors*

  • EFC International
  • Fascomp
  • Fastar
  • G.L. Huyett
  • Prospect Fastener

* Fastener Importers by definition could be considered Master Distributors but in this case I do not consider them as Master Distributors because the fastener industry as a whole recognize them as Importers., LLC

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